Thursday, March 11, 2010

The webs we weave and populate

Today at beading, I rummaged through my craft bags to find a mysterious box at the bottom. Spring cleaning provides surprise treats. There were these two beaded bugs I'd made last year, inspired by clever Chrissy’s entrance hall to her colonial home where she maintains a spider web w beaded spiders representing her family, gifted to her by Nita, another beader. My first attempts are not as good as hers, but it is always fun to try.

As Chrissy tells her story: “We purchased the web very early on in the progress of our house renovations (we moved into the house in 1975 and we are still renovating) because it seemed to personify our progress. It came from the gift shop at Drumlin Farm. Then not too long ago a friend who is a beader found the spiders at our favorite bead store and gave them to me for Christmas. There are two big ones to represent my husband and me. Then there are two sets to represent our two children and their families, color coded for male and female. We always had comments on the web, but now that it is populated by spiders, it seems to be even more interesting.”


  1. Love the bead bugs and love the web complete with a "family" of bugs. Great!

  2. Omigosh, love this idea so much! I think your spiders are gorgeous! This opens up so many ideas in my spinning brain!!!

  3. Lovely--the notion and the web.