Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mighty oaks from little acorns might grow....

watercolor/tissue collage
     Mighty oaks from little acorns grow glamorizes what I am up to now. Our little half bath is in desperate need of a dramatic fix. I had no painting to work in the high ceiling and small narrow space. However, it was good fortune that I ran across a little watercolor collage made in the early days of my marriage. Somehow, it made it out out of the smoke and fire damage. I decided to enlarge this little windmill to many times its original size and to do so in oil paint.

      Unfortunately I sketched it in charcoal on to the canvas rather than use a watered down acrylic. I want to finish it in oil, but I first decided to get the basic colors on in acrylic (hiding the charcoal) and then go over it in oils which are so beautiful. However, this means everything will have to be layered again and I may never finish.I like the paint to be beautiful close up, so I have work to do.

large version, acrylic, pre oil

two together/oil next
      In the meantime, we again got a real (tall and skinny) tree, and put it up. Target had the dearest hand-made little people and animals on sleds and in little knitted sweaters and hats for only $3 each. I got many. I could never make them in time. I put  wide ribbon on a boxwood wreath from Trader Joe's looking up how to do it online. When we got the boxwood home, we put it in a cold bathtub of water overnight and it almost doubled in fluffiness. Joe is rebuilding his cactus collection. It is fun to be home.