Monday, November 30, 2020

Creating calms chaos.

Joe and I find creating and reading in lockdown very calming. There was the exciting election, promise of vaccines, work to be done, but we found a little time in the studio. Joe wanted to make a boot jack for his comfortable boots and I wanted to add to my six little paintings last month (the October posting). 

Joe made a template from an old plastic bootjack. After all, you need to take off boots upstairs and downstairs. He took the buffalo head from a wall clothes hanger and screwed it  on some wood and showed me a photo of a field he wanted painted atop. Afterward he varnished the bootjack several times.

I painted a beach fence scene from a Cape Cod postcard photo. Then I repeated the lonely houses from last month series, a group from Truro that reminds some of the loneliness or solitariness of the lockdown. I keep wanting to add stars to the sky that form an LED of 2020...but I have controlled myself. There is after all, a Christmas tree to be decorated and a positive attitude to keep afloat!

Joe's template for boot jack