Friday, March 31, 2023

DIY as a beginner in flower arranging: Flexibility

     There is a comfortable Do-It-Yourself level for most adventures. Joe and I were in charge of flower arrangements for the altar at church this Sunday. Having grown up in the Dustbowl, I know not flowers. But in a painting, one often chooses two colors opposite in the color wheel; and I thought that would work with flower design. I knew to cut off dead ends from stems and whatever would be under the water line in a vase. We headed to Trader Joe's where I have watched people choose a variety of greens and the prettiest blossoms delivered each week. Only after choosing, buying and creating our arrangements did I think to Google "flower arranging for beginners!"

       Joe and I chose a pair of the church's bronze vessels to flank the cross. But only now am I finding one is to create a base with greenery. People enjoy odd numbers in designing, but this can vary. Sources suggest you think of balance, harmony, and emphasis. Google says to add to the base, focal flowers and filler flowers.  I didn't follow any order or design, but worked from the back forward.  Online you can even find numbers of particular flowers that should be in a particular size in arrangements. Ignorance is bliss. Arrangements may grow to several shapes, so dive in to discover your style.

        Last spring, we chose the colors of the Ukranian flag. This year, I wanted to copy Carol's irises which were in season. The store presented the most intoxicating white roses. The bouquets would be up against a flat background. We naturally had to design to fit our limitations; for instance, the back side of the arrangement is not visible. Mostly, I loved the thistles the color purple of the irises and greenery suggested by strangers in the store. I had wanted tulips, but the roses were compelling. I stuck in old tulips back home. Always be able to turn on a dime and don't be afraid of the dark. "Miracles are for beginners." (C.S. Lewis)