Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Post for January - Time Flies

        Not only does time fly, my fire painting has objects soaring from the house, belongings/lives disappearing to dumpsters, things coming unscrewed.  Just last night I was needing my camera to photograph the paintings for a show and I realized my two digital cameras got lost in the fire. I am amazed I got out of 48 Stults Road with my purse which I sometimes search for.

        HouseFire1 and HouseFire2 will eventually have more pointed names. They may not be art but were therapeutic. When distressed by the bad things, I discovered drawing/painting helped. I stole from Medieval paintings and El Greco to express. They still aren't finished but I love them. Little jewels for me. I hinted at the angels and the grace we experienced amid the unpleasant.

        The fire paintings are 14" x 11", oils, Winsor Newton Griffin Alkyds. I used Gamsol for my thinner and Galkyd Lite for my medium. No smell in my temporary 4 x 6 foot studio. Fast drying all. Alkyds are a genuine oil color made with pigments that are modified with alkyd resin. They can be mixed with traditional oils and thinned with usual solvents. They dry to the touch in 18 to 24 hours and can usually be varnished in 30 days. Blick art store says the colors remain workable for 4 - 8 hours and dry at the same rate to a uniform semi-gloss finish. I love alkyd oil paints which I have used for years! Click to enlarge.