Thursday, August 31, 2017

Boxes emptied, boxes renewed

   When does want to see more boxes after a move?! We are back home, and the cardboard moving boxes are emptied! However, some wooden boxes were salvaged from the fire, boxes filled with family photos. I touched up these battered book boxes with fresh paint. They will help me organize the memories. One box per person.

    Through the years, we made boxes. Jim made one for his family tree project. One doesn't want an album for all photos, but one doesn't want to toss. So I throw Bill's loose photos in the red box, Jim's in the blue box, mine in the yellow, Joe's in the green etc. They can be stacked to make an end table if you have room. I first saw these in a London living room.I bought sample paint at the paint store to renew them. Hinges aren't necessary. The big boxes have a top to fit just inside a simple construction.They could use some embellishment with fabric, ink, paint and imagination. But the photos were saved from the smoke damage.

With this August project idea about boxes, we are off to calmer seas in life!
No, life will always surprise!