Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sun is shining in Boston

       The sun is finally out in Boston. The house is moving along...walls up, floors going back down, cabinets being installed, wall plastering + painting happening and the counters soon to be laid out. The choosing of wall colors shouldn't keep me awake for 4 or 5 days; but to get back to sleep, I enjoyed reading, over the past months, Bad Boy by Eric Fischl, the painter, to get a better understanding of the NY art world and the life of a professional artist today. I finished The Underground Railroad and appreciated the magical realism. I visited Appalachia with Hillbilly Elegy. I am glad the author is returning home to help. After finally finishing A Gentleman in Moscow, I think I may try Red Notice, a non-fiction thriller set in Russia that Joe enjoyed and will look at Dark Money he told me about.

       But I did not paint a bit all month, so wrapped up in 7/24 decisions on the house, while it rained outside. I hope I don't forget how! Nor did I exercise that much.  This 2008 self-portrait w black eye expresses my disappointment in not having new work to show in my blog. All the time I was thinking...just one painting or drawing a day! At least I didn't miss blogging in April.

       I have certainly been "into" color, looking at Benjamin Moore samples and others sent from Sherwin Williams, learning about the other new paint companies. I have read many new blogs on decorating, scanned books sent by Alice, and observed Laura down on my rugs scrutinizing ideas for color. Keith Smith at Foote in Brighton chose colors for me w thoughtful service you thought no longer existed. Jean and Alice worked to confirm some decisions. One never gets over the first painting mistakes one made when first married. I love advice! Decision tomorrow.

      I won't carry on further, but I just discovered myself in a subway painting by the remarkable Paula Pitman Brown (one t) up at PPB's Facebook page. Look at what is in her backpack for student still lifes and more! I took a screenshot of it so you can visit her website to see her amazing output. A teacher at the Boston MFA, Paula has Open Studio in Needham next weekend at 80 Norwich Road. Always worth a visit!