Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Shaping life with the hands

     A new craft to me is like climbing a mountain. I want to try. Joe on return from his book club mentioned that Mary Ellen, the host's wife, had some exciting bronze sculpture in the living room. I had known ME for about 44 years and never knew she had an interest in creating art or sculpting.She LOVES sculpture.She indulged herself sculpting in Florida winters as a "snowbird"from Massachusetts. I phoned her and she invited me to see her bronzes. She also has a marble piece in Florida. I love to look at the bronze of her granddaughter, as the granddaughter, now a teen, also enjoys viewing...the flow of the skirt, eyes, expression and hair. Also, I enjoyed ME's appreciation of her father and how she shaped his form, running her hands over his head until it felt right.

     I had just seen a piece of sculpture at the WorcesterArt Museum and felt the synergy and inspiration. I immediately looked up how to get involved again. Back in the 80s, I had once made a bust of Dad using Sculpture House Plastilina which does not harden. I found it at The Compleat Sculptor in NYC and got some brown wax which one can shape when it is softened with hands or hair dryer, and some bendable armature wire. I asked the techie there to choose two tools for me. I searched the library and bought a book on figure sculpture (thinking Degas and Rodin which I viewed at the Metropolitan Museum) and am ready to begin. Maybe I will do a bust of Joe and figures of the grandchildren. I have several other ideas...but to choose and start. That is the challenge. Too much fun! I've looked up many videos online and am ready to begin. I hope I might interest the grandchildren in trying their hands at it.