Saturday, May 30, 2020

LOCKDOWN: the Pandemlc at my house

    During the Pandemic care is taken to stay home, wear masks, wash hands, and socially distance. As a child, I always loved rain so I could stay inside to color. Thus, I love a lockdown, so I have an excuse to stay inside and not worry about socializing or people' dropping in. I can work on or play with anything whenever I want. I am blessed. I dread the end of the lockdown for elders.

     But lockdown is not easy. The mail accumulates. One has to learn to order in food, All groups Zoom and that takes time. Grass to mow!

     My favorite thing is to be on the computer and at other times have the tv and iPhone on. I like being virtually connected to people. I enjoy research of movies, musicals and art. I savor my church's sermons, Bible Study and book club zoomed in as well as zooming with friends from high school and college. The pandemic is a great connector.

     College friends and I have been answering the questions in Michelle Obama's diary I Am Becoming. We write an essay a week in response to one of the questions we have chosen, adding to family histories. I have finally made some face masks that have a place for a filter. Joe put together an indoor upright bike to add to our exercise opportunities. He reads constantly. Each lunch and supper we made gourmet meals for fun, suffering unaware the caloric intake. Spring outfits are tight. We haven't budged from the house, except to walk the dog and give him a drive.  Tonight a dear neighbor invaded with drinks to our back deck. I hope that doesn't blow our efforts, because how do you shut the door on a good friend. Easy for me, but not Joe. 

And how did I forget the new app COMICBOOK! for people who don't draw! There is plenty to do and learn during Lockdown!