Wednesday, October 4, 2023

On the Move Again

    It was a surprise to find Joe and I have moved 12 times and this is #13. Thirteen is the family lucky number. Downsizing is a challenge but the sons are happy to see us off to Brookhaven@Lexington. We are hustling like young marrieds planning a first home. But what will I do with all my big paintings that I could never part with. I await your solutions! Especially the last floor to ceiling one!

One of the exciting finds in sorting papers, was written by whom I do not know. I scribbled it in longhand and then typed it for legibilty. I thought it so articulate and nice as a review and hoped someone could identify the writer:

“ Having just written on Post-Modern art, it’s gratifying to be hit with a web page so emphatically displaying it. Linda is very much AWARE of past art and artists but is never bound by them. She celebrates them wo worshiping them either in terms of style or content. In fact, it would appear that in many cases, she, herself, IS the content. Her work has the added appeal that it is sharp wo ever being harsh. It is strong, wo being exploitive, and it is striking wo doting on past definitions of beauty. And her sense of humor is rich wo being cute or even funny. One might call it an acute sense of the absurd. I guess I’d have to say it is okay. No, seriously, I was quite impressed.”  []