Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blue for Books N Laps, The Wave, and Summer's loss

     Blue is the theme this month. I started a painting of a swimming group that also became a beloved book group, Books 'N Laps. How could I organize eleven people on a canvas. I laid down some blue for the exercise pool and started painting the book lovers without a composition in sight. I am till thinking, but it is the end of the month and time to post.  The history of Books 'N Laps: I once asked Martha if she swims. Had I heard of Esther Williams? We went to the pool to find it filled with exercisers. Water aerobics seemed like sissy stuff compared to laps, but we joined the group. It was not limp, but solid exercise. Later in the dressing room, when Edith responded "It is I" to me, I thought:  a good English teacher who could lead us in a book group as well. I chose the name Books 'N Laps. Many fine times, celebrations and reading followed.

      Hannah came home from camp making The Peruvian Wave friendship bracelet. She had one for each of her siblings and, in the summer, I can't turn down any new craft,  especially one resembling macrame. I grabbed photos of the kids' and her bracelet, and asked Hannah to write instructions (she demo'd a video on her phone).  Since they were on the way out of town to the other grandparents' house, I received the videos on Messages which I  need to learn to transfer to my computer somehow. In the meantime, you can find demonstrations on how to create the waves on YouTube. Get out some embroidery floss, duct tape and scissors. Google how to make friendship bracelet knots,  how to read friendship bracelet patterns and a beginner's how to weave The Wave friendship bracelet. Hannah tapes her strings to the floor or her knees and I used a clipboard. My first effort was weak, but I will try again. Thanks for stopping by! (Click to enlarge the photos)

earlier versions of Books 'N' Laps