Monday, March 15, 2010

A Rainy Weekend

As a child, I loved rain. It meant I could stay inside to color. My Aunt Clarice could be counted on to drop by with craft supplies.

The last few days with rain pouring was no exception except for the surprise ending. We headed to the Currier Museum in Manchester to see the wider range of watercolor’s potential, a beautiful building and fine shop. I wished for my brother whose birthday is this weekend and my granddaughters to see this show.

We stayed indoors away from the rain for dinner w neighbors in their home theater. And the next morn, we prepared for son’s family dinner. He wanted Key Lime birthday pie, and tacos.

The girls and I sewed at down times and after dessert. Hannah made Wolf-Wolf a pillow/blanket and learned to use the rotary cutter under watchful eyes. When I helped Erika make a ballet pillow, Hannah activated the stored easel/paints by pouring paints on the hanging paper (Jackson Pollack put the canvas on the floor). I handed her a brush to move them around and suggested keeping the paint off the carpet. A lovely time…then…

So much rain (ten inches) in Boston, no place to go. My basement studio said “Come in!.”
Two old geezers wet-vacuumed the night away until two a.m. and then let portable sump pumps take on our task.


  1. Love the pictures! What a super party you had for Bill. I can't believe the rotary cutter, though; even the paper cutter with Dawson scared me to death, though he was super careful and knew not to use it unless I was carefully watching him!

  2. What a day! I think you truly "covered the WATER front," to coin a phrase. All that manual labor so late at night for "mature" people. No fun! But, I read about your glorious day otherwise and know Bill had a great day & that the girls were thrilled with everything. That, after all, is what it's all about.

  3. What a weekend! I can't believe you did all that and sumped the basement.

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