Saturday, March 6, 2010

Truncated Trip

Joe and I drove to NYC to take in art for several days. Beethoven’s life played on the CDs, and I beaded another ATC fibrillating heart. I found an Altoid box lid to hold my beads, and it was perfectly fine until Joe hit the brakes unexpectedly :*).

As we drove down the Hudson River I was excited to see the Armory Show sites, and I thought about the Biennale. We parked on the street, got our Metro passes and rode two stops to Borders for my British Artists & Illustrators magazine I can no longer find in Boston. The next morning, we headed to MOMA for the fabulous Tim Burton and William Kentridge shows and a lunch of pan-seared salmon over chunky vegetable lentil stew topped w arugula. I was dazzled. Next were The City Quilter for what’s new and DaVinci Artist Supply for sketchbooks; but a cell phone call made us realize we had to jump in the car to return home for our ailing dog.

Molly is quite old, but doing better today! And it’s fun to be home w extra days to absorb the catalogs and visit MOMA’s exhibition videos on-line. My rule is: do favorite destinations first. Those imaginative and thoughtful watercolor and charcoal drawings along with simple, but powerful animations were exhilarating, a fine focus and enough for now!


  1. Your description made me feel as if I made the trip with you. Much love & care to you & Molly. Will check out the MOMA exhibition online.

  2. Ah, this makes me homesick for NYC and the fun we had last fall while there together! Red Shoes, City Quilter, yeah even McDonalds, bus rides, garment district museums, discovering Wee name it, we did it, what fun!

  3. That should have been "garment district, comma, museums"! We didn't visit a museum in the garment district!

  4. I hoped to revisit MORE on our list!