Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water Water Everywhere...

The ten inches of rain in Middlesex County is certainly the subject for my two-hour journal quilt this week, but w hints of other things going on as well. I will surely add some bugle beads for the rain’s coming down and some rounder glass beads for the splashes out of the barrels or buckets used in my studio.

That night (Bill’s birthday and the rising waters) when the grandchildren were here going through my fabric stash and expecting me to whip up something in minutes, I found my machine stalled. All I needed was a new needle, hooray! Also, reflecting on how surprised the beaders were that I don’t make doll clothes, I asked the girls what doll clothes I could make for them and they chose the 18-inch Snow White outfit. One for each. Little did I suspect the rains would slow down that effort and others! But we know, the sun always comes out. Coincidentally, Hannah had chosen the ocean fabric for her project. It was reflecting on her smile and compliments that kept me relaxed and alive while bailing that night.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful journal quilt! Oh, why didn't I start doing this when you so urged me to do so? I know why--too busy building this new house. But, truly, I love this one, and the embellishments you propose will be icing on the cake. I made doll clothes galore for daughter Kathy, but daughter Susan wasn't a doll girl, strangely. Grandddaughter Lia IS, thankfully. As you know, have made them for her American Girl dolls! The bigger the dolls, natch, the easier the clothes are to make!

  2. Love the rain, rain, & more rain journal quilt! What a time you all have had. How nice you had the celebration before all the manual labor. Can't wait to see pictures of the doll clothes.

  3. This reminds me of the Japanese woodcut....The Great Wave? With Mt. Fuji in the background.