Sunday, June 18, 2023

Walking the Dog (not as in YoYo-ing)

    Although I am quite proud of my 1950 Duncan YoYo award where one requirement was "walking the dog," I am grateful, throughout the years, for having a dog to walk.You meet your neighbors in the blocks surrounding your home. Sometimes the dogs more than the owners. You watch the children grow up. People gather around when your house burns to offer keys to their homes. You get together for holidays and weekend celebrations. How does it get any better? 

     Surprises happen. Yesterday a new 6-year-old neighbor who earlier had asked Joe about Harry the dog: "from Harry Potter? Harry the Dirty Dog? " was sketching Harry in her sketchbook. Joe asked if she would like to walk the dog to our house to see Linda's paintings. Her 10-year-old brother and mother followed. Joe roused me to meet them. After observing my Medusa self portrait,  the 10-year-old boy discussed his interest in Greek and Roman mythology. The young lady was proud her brother could take 84 to the 4th power in his head. The six-year-old looking at a painting where I had included Cezanne, thought he looked more like Claude."Claude who?"we asked. "Claude Monet!" she replied. We were staggered. There was talk of Kandinsky and other artists from these youth's conversation. Full names of artists. Then they volunteered to play the piano, some long, complicated classical pieces from memory. No shyness or braggadocio, but a sharing of gifts. Then the young lady wanted to see my sketchbook. She looked at almost 80 pages, one after another, not skipping any and mentioned her favorites. The rest of the time she was sketching. I saw her from afar, today, sketchbook still in hand. I like how she focused on Harry's hair, whiskers and tail. The brother was engaging also, noting details in books, talking more about artists. The two children were planning a secret dessert for the family dinner.

     What blessings to their family and to our neighborhood. I love surprises and gifts. Walking is good.

sketches at Panera and in the studio about current events

her favorite among the 80