Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Still movie making!

    Movie making continues from last month. I found I could Save a movie to a Quicktime video on iCloud for a limited time, or load it onto DropBox where people all over the world could see it. Friends were very gracious to brag on it.

     Surprisingly, Joe decided he wanted a movie. I suggested he make his own, that it is easy. People don't realize how simple it is or they are not so interested in the craft. Hard to imagine, for the ease and fun is what drew me in to learning and buying a computer. And Joe could choose his own music!

     I found I couldn't make Joe a movie similar to mine.I realized it has to be his relationship to me. So I chose Linda Rondstadt's Someone to Watch Over Me. I titled it "The Watchman," but will surely change it to Watch Over Me. I don't sound too liberated...but those are the facts. I didn't take it too seriously...just relaxed while dropping photos onto the line of music in iMovie (see last month's post).

     I highly recommend making a big deal out of major birthdays and a movie gets you started., The movie is so therapeutic to return to often in order to tweak it. As in editing an article, editing is never over. Plus, Linda Rondstadt has an amazing voice that is so relaxing. Sorry I lost her CDs in the fire, but they are on my computer! What an artist, she!