Friday, June 29, 2018

My Art Month while the sun shines

     The sun is out and the grandchildren are off at camp after year- end concerts, graduation and birthdays. I still found time to get Joe to frame the Kitchen Still Life for the CAA Still Life: Captured Moments show in Harvard Square.Unfinished, the painting was hanging in the laundry room with other circular activity, a perfect fit. Today I saw it hanging in the big entrance hall at University Place, minus a label. The reception is July 12. I like it there!

        Settling in, my frame-making husband every day finds time to mow through books between plantings in the garden. His book club got him back to reading ravenously.I also am picking up some more books to research and read.I am excitedly awaiting the July 10 release of Van Gogh and Japan which I have heard so much about from Joyce whom I met at an Apple Procreate class. She is 85 and just flew to Amsterdam for 3 days to see the show about the major influence of the Japanese prints in Van Gogh's development in Arles.Research that show!

      In the meantime, I have started on Modernists & Mavericks by Martin Gayford and am really enjoying it. He talks about the London Painters whose work I know and what they were thinking and doing as they struggled to paint. Provocative. Just for fun, I wanted to read Old in Art School by Nell Painter just because she did later what I did at age 50, take off for art school. I am reading several others at the same time.

      I continue to add to my art book collection much of which I lost with the fire. A local library is a good source, in that Friends of the Library donate books which can be bought for special prices. This benefits scavenger me and the library.There are always surprise discoveries. I read between evening efforts  to salvage that painting of the Southwest I talked about last month. Belmont Gallery of Art  has an upcoming show of paintings inspired by music: Rhythm and Hues.I hope to enter three paintings. Ever hopeful.