Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning Surprise: NYC Zine

Until a few months ago, I had never heard of a zine. But loving books and magazines, I turned my hand to one, using the format of the magical paper book in my March 10 blog.

After the holidays, a trip or two. and lots of arts and crafts, it was time to spring clean. What a treat to locate my long lost beading books flat in the bottom of a small cloth bag I must have taken to show someone. And then in an envelope, ready to mail, I found the zine I had made of a NYC reunion trip I had w a dear college friend. It was my present to her she never received.

The zine is created on an 8.5” x 10.5” sheet of paper. I affixed photos, text and Japanese tape (Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum) in positions that would fold properly into a zine for Alice.


  1. What a wonderful "gift" you've given me tonight. The zine for Alice is stunning. It will be a treasure of a special time with a long-loved friend. Thanks for opening my world to a new way to celebrate something memorable.

  2. Linda! This is fabulous! What wonderful memories from such a fun reunion. As I straighten up MY crafting space, I keep uncovering items from the same visit: my Alice in Wonderland and NYC fabrics, just to name two, and of course there's the Wee Folk book I never would have bought had I not encountered it at City Quilter with YOU. And just as a rock dropped in water sends out circles and circles, THAT find has now circled and circled across the country and has enriched the playtime of grandchildren in MI and CA with their Wee Folk dolls! Now I need to learn how to make zines, as I never know what to do with the memorabilia I collect from trips. I always hang on to it for awhile and then discard. Thank you, thank you, both for "my" zine and the wonderful memories it captures and for the idea for future projects for moi!

  3. I noticed the Jane Austen picture. Who besides me loves Jane Austen?