Thursday, June 29, 2017

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

      Our house has a new name, the Phoenix! Like the mythical bird of fiery plumage that settles in a nest to burn ferociously and rise renewed and reborn, our family home has regenerated. We will move back on time, August 1. The floors are due one more coat, the bannister a stain, a few trim moldings and paint touchups to go, but essentially, the Phoenix (formerly 48 Stults Road) will be ready on time, renewed. Matt and Diogo met with us for a last punch list, the final still to go. Town approvals are being checked off. Joe and I even went over to trim some bushes and that felt good. Yard work is not ordinarily a joyous undertaking, but it was to us, being back home and making it ours.

      If you Google images of the Phoenix, you'll note the yellow, orange and red plumage, wings and head. The shape of our house is taking similar form and colors in my thinking! I plan to paint it as a Phoenix, one described in the myths of history. The head will be the porch entrance and the two side peaks as wings. 

       The only Phoenix-like images in my past work were fabric pieces: a tame one in progress when I was working with the grandchildren to paint and stitch fabric and the other about the sunbird, not to be confused with the Phoenix. I put the word Phoenix in the blogger search at the top left of this blog page and scrolled to older postings to find these mini journal quilts.

         I am excited to be getting many of my paintings back when we move in. One-third were restored by Trefler's. I know I should paint this house Phoenix now, but one loses a lot of sleep and energy in a house rebuild. So many decisions, surprises. We have been to the house daily, trying to be helpful to speed the process, avoid delays and mistakes. We have enjoyed our unflappable contractor and skilled carpenter; and in four weeks, hopefully, will ourselves, like a Phoenix, have risen from the ashes!