Monday, April 27, 2020

Hidden in Plain Sight

     A call for art in these Pandemic times led me to look around our study where hidden in plain sight were 13 little ceramic figures with masks on. I created them in the early 90s, to express the muzzling of speech, hierarchies and caskets. Today, masks stop social intercourse and droplets, but still suggest freedom attacked such as that of the press. There on the wall in the dining room was Killing the Virus with credit to El Greco whose composition was used in a "paper prayer" at the time of AIDS awareness. Today we are fighting another virus w Dr. Birx who helped control he earlier epidemic.

      I headed on to my overstuffed file of photos and website ( to find even more paintings that would fit in with art in these times. There were The Mouths of Hell from the fire and The Mother in Law holding photos rather than babies in a lockdown. There were piles of wiped dishes and balls of chaos.Amazing. Not only history and times repeat themselves but so does the art we create that we feel strongly about. There are clearly surprises to be discovered in one's own house, hidden in plain sight.