Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chatalaine and Fabric Birthday Card

March madness is where I am with workshops to rearrange and dogs to groom. I missed blogging yesterday, so I must post something today: my chatalaine and the fabric birthday card.

Family birthdays/celebrations cluster this month and last. I feared I injured the sewing machine stitching a tape measure to the chatalaine grosgrain ribbon (a Valentine gift for my beaders) which is so handy to have around the neck when sewing and beading: an envelope for the thimble, needles and pins, a tape measure and snippers. But I vacuumed my asthmatic machine, changed the needle and thread, and the Baby Lock is happy again.

Curious if the machine had died on me, with a birthday Valentine party less than an hour away, I grabbed the cupcake print and quilted it randomly. Voila! It made a cute pin for the birthday girl. Perhaps I will send a quilted non-caloric postcard cupcake to my brother and son along with their Bananagrams! I always feel I must make something or it isn’t a gift, not that the recipient feels that way! :*)) Also, I can't believe the stamps stay on the postcards; but in art school, one student mailed banana skins.

(you may click on photos)


  1. I truly am amazed at all that you are able to do. It's inspiring!

  2. Linda, this wasn't up when I checked yesterday! I love it, love the pictures. SOMEday I am going to make some of those chatalaines!