Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colored eggs and heavy thoughts

Busy getting switched over to the new computer, reorganizing and hooking up things, I thought I might not have anything to post, being too busy to live. Then, we got a phone call that this would be a good day to dye eggs, Monday's bringing Passover and Seder.

And today is Palm Sunday, so we made it into Memorial Church at Harvard to hear the passion according to St. Luke and Peter Gomes talk about why we celebrate Passion Week...that life is full of sadness, treachery and violence; and the point of Jesus' being God incarnate is that God shares all of this with us.

Next, it was rushing out to get eggs to boil and dye, chicken pot pie makings to create with the grandchildren before coloring. I got the usual color tablets, a kit to marbleize with and pulled some Model Magic off the shelf for rabbit, chick, egg modeling and cookie cutting. After dinner I read Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco, a good tale with pictures of pysanky eggs. I finished with another of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's cure stories. It was a sunny, rich and colorful day.


  1. Your egg dyeing pics have inspired me. Here I've rushed around to get ready for dinner with Maria and family and I've forgotten all of the Easter celebrating. At least I can get out all of the bunnies that sing & dance and the books about Easter.

  2. Loved these pictures and your post. Now I can hardly wait to dye eggs with Lia and Locke in CA! I am wondering if this will be the 3rd yr. in a row we made a bunny face cake, or if they'll want to make cookies with the Easter cutters I'm taking them. Maybe both! Your Palm Sunday service sounded good; ours was, too!

  3. should have said "make a bunny face cake"..

  4. This picture is a classic. I enjoyed reading about Palm Sunday service and your egg dying preparation. Where did you get those darling (big) rabbits?

  5. Oh! Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. The comforter of my youth!