Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It was for the birds (robins)!

    Joe and I noticed robins building some peculiar nests in the roof above our deck. Robin nests are pretty common here, above porches, and the stringy hay (for lack of another word) ends up strewn all over.But our retiree interest was to be of help (we never learn that creatures like independence and to make their own mistakes). So Joe went to his work room, built and returned with a shelf room extension.The robins never went into that area again, but built next door in another support area in the rafters.We will leave the extension up in case future robins want the expanded area another time. It seems more luxurious.Those nests gets crowded, however warm.For now, the fledglings, lured by mother w worm, have left their nests, taken their first awkward steps and flown to build muscles and feathers, maybe never to return.What a blessing to observe and enjoy, however short lived. They enjoyed our blueberries, raisins and captured worms which could disappear within seconds. I recommend Googling "baby robins" for further fun.