Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Break with the week to go

    Google anything on Pinterest to find ideas solving problems, suggesting fun. Somehow I came upon all the things one can do with Altoid boxes. Since the grandchildren were toddlers, the first thing they do when hopping into our car is to ask for the mint box. We have stacks galore.

    Since a) we move back to the restored house in a week, b) the grandchildren had a day break between camp sessions, c) I needed a craft idea for my blog and d) it was still in the week of my birthday, Joe and I made a quick trip to Beth and Bill's for lunch with a birthday cake from Russo's and some items for the children to make their own portable in the pocket watercolor kits.

     Google something like "Altoid watercolor kits" and click on Images. I had put aside both large and small Altoid boxes, Dentyne Ice gum for containers, tiny watercolor paper for the lids, small pencils and brushes, a box of watercolor tubes to set the campers to creating their own individualized watercolor kits. Google Altoid kits and find a zillion more ideas for those containers.

     Erika, David and Hannah chose a minimum of red, blue and yellow tubes of paint, emptied the ICE gum containers, shortened their brushes and set to fill the "pans" with squeezed out paint to leave to dry to stick in their pockets at a later time to pull out to paint. The inside top of the Altoid container holds several small watercolor sheets awaiting their creations.

     Because of the family's recent trips, I took over two rediscovered Michener books, Alaska and The Source which I hope someone in the family gets a chance to read. After lunch we played with the Pug pups, hugged the campers good-bye, and returned to the house to gather window coverings. Let the move begin!

Troy and Poppy