Friday, October 15, 2010

Unexpected Guests/Additions: A Journal Quilt

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   This past weekend we drove to Maine to visit friends and stopped off in Bath for lunch at the Kennebec Tavern and to visit the Maine Maritime Museum where US Navy ships are built. (They have a lovely website with photos and commentary.) Happily we came upon a fabulous quilt shop a block away that had fabrics, including moose, that I had never seen.

(Original draft :*)
   Last week, Nita*, a beader, was taking an early morning walk in our suburb and found on her aunt's grounds, a 10-point moose.They just stared at each other in admiration. Makes you wonder why some want to shoot. With a camera, yes! Later, I understand a bear was spotted in a tree nearby. We are talking about 1/4 mi from the center of town. Given Nita's excitement, this had to be a journal quilt. Long live the gifts of nature.

*Click on Nita's name in Labels below, to go to a special necklace she created in an earlier posting, June 10, 2010!

Correction: Nita phoned to say it was a DEER. Live and learn or listen better :*) Corrected journal quilt at top of page.


  1. Deer - not so scary. Moose - bad news! Bear - scary! We have lots of critters in the Foothills - bears, foxes, mountain lions, snakes, raccoons, possums, and lots of coyotes. I sometimes hear them yipping at night. Around here outdoor cats have short life spans, unless they are very vigilant! Love your fabric and the buildings & streets.

  2. Here in the suburb next to the big city, we have coyotes, wolves? and deer as well as those little creatures to tantalize the dogs: skunks. Some are polite and issue only a small odor.

  3. On morning walks in my development, I have seen rabbits, skunks, deer, but of course, never a moose! Amazing story, and a clever journal quilt to depict this event!

  4. A ten point deer is still impressive. I have seen lots of deer in our yard, but none with antlers. Love your journal quilt. Especially those little cars and the bus.

  5. Celia was fascinated by four deer in her Durango neighborhood last week - she said "deer" all day long. 'Love all your postcards and journal quilt.