Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabricating Felt Fleurs: a relaxing stylish craft

   When our beading group, the Beadsprouts, travel for a few days to the Vineyard, we each take a craft. Chrissy researched felt flowers this year since they were in so many fashion magazines and pointed us to HiP: Felt Flower Tutorial. To prepare to write this blog I Googled "tutorial felt flower" and found many more videos. Whatever, it seems these are so easy to create by all ages. I plan to make some to cluster with granddaughters 4 and 6 years.
My two flower pins are about 2 1/2" diameter. Click to enlarge. 
    Get or make your felt (there are all qualities of felt: from the wool sweaters you shrink with soap and hot water to the squares or rolls you can buy at a craft or fabric store.) Cut out shapes of flowers with scissors or with Sissix shape cutters (I do not have or need Sissix, but could enjoy).  You can make a pattern by circling a glass, and cutting out different sizes and flower shapes. You can cut individual petals or stack shapes of one piece, different edges. You will invent other solutions such as folding strips of felt and cutting in a bit. A glue gun or needle and thread with button can hold them together. The stitching with embroidery thread or beading on the  petals adds so much ooomph! Loving care always does that.
Nancy made a giant flower and wore it to the museum!
Click to see better.


  1. This is an interesting project indeed! I love the possibilities. Nancy's pin looks great on that jacket top. This brings to mind the interesting pins I've seen this year that artisans are making out of larger buttons or a combination of several sizes of buttons that have unusual shapes or unique details or colors.

  2. This looks great. I hope I can download it and
    take it to our craft ideas meeting for the bazaar.

  3. These are just over the top charming! I have that lovely, lovely felt that I bought for the Wee Folk dolls last year. I could use some of that for these. Think I will take to CA with me to see if Lia might enjoy making some!