Friday, October 22, 2010

Organizing October: a Halloween activity

     October is beautiful with the orange, red, yellow and maroon electric colors. Last Saturday I drove to the Lexington quilt show and found new Sew Fresh Fabrics in castle prints and other  got-a-have's for grandchildren.  I drove among stunning trees to the Watertown big bead show via Wilson Farms where I picked up caramel apples on a stick, small hot sugared donuts and fresh cider. The bead show had stunning originals for grown-ups, but I opted for some Halloween glass beads for the children to make bracelets.
three ghosts, a pumpkin and a cat
(click to enlarge photos)
a stretchy ring and button bracelet 

      Tonight we joined the family for supper. I took the books I picked up at the Belmont library book sale that fall day mentioned above, and materials to craft either a stretchy bracelet or one with clasps. Both girls wanted to make clasp bracelets first. Hannah chose a peace clasp and Erika wanted the dolphin clasp. There were not enough decorative beads for two wrist bracelets, so the girls used glass seed beads to fill the gaps on the bead stringing wire. Hannah went on to make a stretch-y ring, knotting it with square knots before the dinner bell. I put the clasps on the bracelets, using an extra bead with the crimps while the two went on to more creative endeavors.   


  1. Oh, just love those Halloween beads! What fun the girls are having. They are looking so very grown up--hard to believe. Someday, someday I must acquire some beading know-how. My one and only granddaughter would just love to do this!

  2. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a talented and crafty-competent grandmother. What cute bracelets! I've got to check out that sort of thing at the big Village Venture tomorrow in Claremont. We'll do that after the kids all participate in the parade. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Lovely bracelets. Lovely girls. What a pleasure your granddaughters are! I felt as if I was riding right along with you to Lexington, Wilson Farms and Watertown. Too bad I can't nibble on all your goodies, too.

  4. I ditto Nancy's feelings...couldn't say it better !