Sunday, October 31, 2010

Head of Charles/losing ours: a journal quilt

     Angela in London e-mailed that she was taking a class at Harvard called Immunity to Change. I snagged her for one evening since we were for once organized to do so. I drove down the Charles River to Logan Airport, doing a dry run so I would pick her up with no misses the next day. Back and forth I drove on the Charles, always seeing more rowers than ever before. I didn't realize people were practicing for the Head of the Charles!
(click to enlarge)
     The last time Angela came was when her son rowed for his school in England. We had the family for dinner and then enjoyed one of those 50 year floods. This time, we wanted to take Angela out to eat and she chose Helmand's from our list, an Afghan restaurant owned by the brothers of the President of Afghanistan. The rack of lamb is wonderful, but we always order several hors d'oeuvres for a unique evening. When the beautiful rack of lamb was brought out so quickly our chins were on the floor...Where were the hors d'oeuvres? Men from the kitchen held the dishes in shock until the waiter politely told us we didn't remember to order them, which we, embarrassed, realized. Still, after plenty to eat, it was back home again, down the Charles.
      The next morning Joe carried Angela's bags to my car so that she would not need to tote them around at school. I would pick her up at the end of the day to take her to a friend's where she was staying, again along the river.  Joe dropped Angela off at her class on the way to his work and soon realized he had left his briefcase at home. It was back again, along the Charles. To England, Afghanistan and home, more memorable and amusing events caught and saved on an 8" square journal quilt sketch.


  1. Truly one of your prettiest Journal Quilts! Love the composition, the colors, the river, sky, skyline, bridge, everything. The anecdote about the restaurant was fun, too!

  2. The river and the tales of the back & forth trips are great. Love the journal quilt. No doubt you enjoyed seeing your long time friend. How special!

  3. This journal quilt is adorable. I love the "briefcases" along the way and the way you have used color. You always manage to have a laugh when things go "wrong" and to make us laugh with you. I want to go back to the Afghan restaurant and to view the Charles again.

  4. Yes, I especially like the skyline and blue sky. Is that a 'buttermilk' sky? The visit from your friend was marvelous, and the baggage an aggravation. Enjoyed it all.