Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Route 64: a birthday card journal quilt

   Sometimes I think I spend all my time celebrating. Tonight we are taking out my painter friend Kathy for her birthday and her husband for his retirement. I was tired of my usual Comic card and decided to make a journal quilt about the 64th birthday. This year Kathy is all over the place...at home in Sharon, at her studio in North Adams, up in Montreal at one of her grands. The bonus is seeing lots of leaves while she celebrates and hangs several art shows.I got her Defining Moments in Art and Rembrandt: See and Do Children's Book for her grands. Kathy loves Rembrandt and painting to opera music.
(click to enlarge)
    The birthday girl used to paint lots of fish and trees but the paintings at her website this year are more abstract or more about the brushstrokes and the paint. I still think of those fish, and I thought it serendipitous that I would go to Catch of the Day at Abby's blog to see the new felt fish she posted...and that I would have an e-mail from Alice about the paella pans at TJMaxx which would be perfect to gift the retiring professor husband, a good cook and lover of seafood. He will have more time to create romantic meals. Evidently, according to Alice, the  paella pan achieves the crust on the bottom that is supposedly one of the most delicious parts of paella
    The fabric of Route 64 is perfect for postcards for our recently departed guests from Texas who drove up to see the changing leaves. Must make those next.



  2. The fabric is fabulous and perfect for your friend's current life "style." The great cupcakes are the crowning touch. What a treat!

  3. This is colorful, for sure! Love it! I need to get back to journal quilts and postcards. Where does my time go? Glad you thought of the paella pan for the retiring husband who loves to cook!

  4. I think I'm going to have to get a paella pan, too. You make it sound so yummy. I love your highways, your cute little cars, and of course, your cupcakes.

  5. Oh, I'm a little embarrassed to be honored so as the birthday girl even though I love it. My husband Tom and I loved everything last evening including the fabulous dinner at Helmond's. Lamb just melted in one's mouth and the pumpkin appetizer was unbelieveable. The Rembrandt book has so many ideas that I can use for my visits with my granddaughters as well as for myself. I love the exercises listed in the back. The quilt is very creative and I have a card with the image now on my refrigerator door. We do love paella-- already have the saffron, and I'm eager to try the new pan even though I am starting a strict diet today after the rich eating and celebrating--living each day to the fullest--but now there is a price to be paid. Linda you are so creative and thoughtful -- always. Many thanks.....from Tom too.