Friday, October 1, 2010

Foliage CleanUp Time: a minimalist Journal posting

Leaves/Leaving (Click to enlarge)
   Our wonderful guests have now headed to New Hampshire and Vermont to see the leaves through the rainfall. They left me a clean house and I am feeling orderly after all that Joe and I did to prepare for their visit. I felt these two fabrics caught the feeling of the leaves and the order. I should quilt or bead the journal piece, but I like it as it is for the moment.  (Yes, some bead drops to stand in for leaves, scattered and sewn to "quilt.")
  Note: Weeks later, I added beads for the remaining leaves and a pile of them raked to a stack.


  1. Lots of great memories! Hope they didn't run into all that rain in New York. Maybe we should have a Lynnist reunion in Boston. Ha ha. Just kidding, I promise. Get lots of rest now.

  2. Love the "family trees." So glad your visit was delightful! That is a GOOD memory to savor.

  3. I think Nancy's idea is superb! I'm all for it...another reason for a wonderful journal quilt like this one.

  4. Simple but effective! Oh, wow, am I behind on journal quilts, and it's not because I don't have ideas aplenty!