Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hannah's 6th: a quilted birthday card

Each year I hope to make a birthday quilt card for the grandchildren. I love the softness that one can hold in hand, and the beads to say it is special.

Erika's 4th you can find in the March 3, 2010 archive and here. Today at beading, I finished Hannah's except for the binding, which may be a bit gaudy.

Hannah picked out the Alice in Wonderland fabric from my stash and the letters/numbers novelty fabric (thinking Kindergarten) that I used on the reverse side. I toned down the loud graphics with the gold see-through stripes. These huggable cards are about 9 inches, similar to my journal quilts.


  1. Hannah will have that very special 6th Birthday Card to treasure forever. Think of the memories it will bring back for her, especially ones of her loving & talented grandmother.

  2. Trying again--made some typos before! I said then that it had somehow flown under my radar that these quilted birthday cards were going to be an on-going project! What a good idea; one I might very well "steal"! Seeing the Alice fabric brought back happy memories of shopping with you at City Quilter in NYC last November. Can't wait to do something myself with MY Alice fabric!

  3. I love the Alice in Wonderland card. Do you buy/stockpile scrapes to keep for future use? The cards are grand. Lucky granddaughters!