Thursday, April 29, 2010

Craftsy Concentration

It was a craftsy week, starting out Monday talking and stitching with friends over lunch and coffee until today when I dropped by the grandchildren's to pick up Beth's unfinished needlepoint (she and the grands were doing ribbon weaving projects), to have more than blind contour drawing to do at these sessions. I should get out the needlepoint bookmarks I made from scratch to give everyone a canvas so we can design our own. Susan was doing Matisse!
In the studio for two days, I filled two giant garbage cans with files of 40 years. Joe was so happy that I can walk through and almost paint there! Found some jewels to save. And at the other end of experience, the entrance to beading at Nita's today had these electric azalea bushes. Was it the rains as she claims or her devoted gardening.
After stopping at the grandchildren's, I went to Adrienne Robinson's to see her portrait quilts and her newly published book! It is beautiful. Her Creation Myth book is hot off the press and available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am so proud of her. Coming up soon is a self-portrait quilt workshop with Clara Wainwright (with whom Adrienne created faith quilts after 9/ll and self-portraits) at the Cape Anne Museum, both the museum and artist a special treat.


  1. Bravissimo on the cleanup, but I missed your postings this week. How exciting to discover Adrienne Robinson and Carolyn North. I've already checked out the book on Amazon. Ironically, I just returned from Vespers at Pilgrim Place where the sermon was on creation. (Butch played in the brass group tonight.)

  2. Great photo of azaleas. Interesting book. Love creation myths. Wondering what age youngster it is written for.

  3. This blog post makes me want to wing my way to Boston, to attend the self portrait quilt workshop, to meet Adrienne Robinson, not to mention have fun with YOU! From reading this I plan to go to Amazon to read about that wonderful book, with the idea in mind of sending one to each set of grandchildren. And, truly, the azaleas were amazing! We here in Texas are giving OUR super rainy winter and spring credit for the plethora of wild flowers, not to mention how well our landscape plantings are doing. Now, off to Amazon, even before checking emails!

  4. Azaleas the same color are in our yard -well over 40 years old!!! Reading your blogs - several in the same day - make me want to get into paint or SOMETHING that shows my own arty style. Such fun!