Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bloomin' Installation

Friday, twenty-five MFA volunteers met at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for enrichment re installation art. The best way to learn about an art movement is to engage, to create, whether it is cubism, minimalism, watercolor, encaustic, printmaking or installation art.

Given the relationship of these volunteers to the MFA's annual Art in Bloom, materials were provided to make flowers and whatever that led to. David Kelley and his two able associates showed slides of installations, and then turned the women loose with colored papers, pipe cleaners, yarn, glue, pom poms and scissors. Fritz Buehner followed lunch with a talk and slide show of more installation art.

I think lovers of paintings and more traditional forms of art feel friendlier toward installation art now. To me, it is simply engaging all the space and senses, putting on a good show or full presentation for one's art, loosening the boundaries for more possibilities. All that was missing were paintings as inspiration and some performance! Just give us a little more time.
After I returned home, the grandchildren arrived to make their own tissue flowers. Wish I had a photo of that!


  1. Ironically, I ran into the installation artist I told you about at a party on Saturday. I told him about what you were doing. Serendipity! It looks and sounds as though you found the experience interesting with enticing possibilities yet to be explored.

  2. I love how happy all thse women look! I also love the beautiful colors. What fun!

  3. "Bloomin" is right! Smiles and flowers are bustin' out all over! A Happy Scene!