Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Filling in Portrait Placemats: a journal quilt

You have seen the educational place mats: all the U.S. Presidents, orchestral instruments, famous artists, the human body, the alphabets in different languages, the world and the United States. I recently dropped some off for the grandchildren.

At my house, we are usually into playing or painting full time; and the walls are covered with my paintings. Beth told me that when she was going over the names and faces of the famous artists, Hannah wanted to know, "Where is LinLin's face!" So of course I made a quickie (2 hour) journal quilt of this heartwarming query, adding myself to the group.
I can't get over the surprises of art. I had just found this self-portrait button I painted years ago when I was intrigued by miniature portraits and how people wore an eye or a face of the beloved inside their coat. I walked by to find it on Joe's dressing table and retrieved it for my quilt when I didn't know how to represent myself. The silhouettes are white canvas ready for filling in (with our imaginations) our favorite artists .


  1. What an intriguing and clever journal quilt. And it'll be fun to add to it as time goes by. What a sweet and cute thing for Hannah to say, to inspire this one!

  2. I love the Last Supper - surreal. I glad Hannah has her priorities right. She knows who's important.

  3. I agree with Nancy --- glad you are the shining star in the quilt quest. fun - as always.

  4. The "Last Supper" is intriguing and I love the opportunity to "fill in the faces" on your journal quilt. You are stretching me & I love it.