Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beaders Branching Out

Every Thursday, six friends who like to work with our hands, meet to lunch, chat and bead. Each brings her own lunch and the hostess provides condiments, drinks and dessert. At Trader Joe's I picked up butter waffle cookies and mango tangerine sorbet to make "ice cream" sandwiches. The demo lady suggested keeping those sandwiches in the freezer all summer, ready for children who drop in.

Chrissy arrived first, and I started taking everyone's photo with Photo Booth for a Warhol effect. We ate and started beading. Easily distracted, I suggested a lesson on the 18" x 24" rotary cutting mat, with the 6" x 24" and 6" x 12" see-through quilter's rulers and 60 mm rotary cutter.
I had some fleece for Nancy to make her first grandson Liam a small no-sew fleece blanket. With the tools, she doubled the fabric (two pieces, wrong sides together), cut 4" out of each corner, and zippety cut 4" strips 1/2" wide all around the edges, knotting the front and back strips with square knots all around. Feeling good she returned to her spring necklace and beading.


  1. so cute and lots of fun. What a good group. May I come?

  2. For the beading & sewing challenged, the foodie suggestions were great! The baby blanket is beautiful.

  3. Lots of fun. I love your Warhol pictures. A wonderful day. I still enjoy the beaded bracelet you gave me in NYC.

  4. Me, too, Nancy! I love mine, in my fave colors. Fun to see the beading pictures and the pretty fleece blanket!