Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring (or anytime) Surprise Ball: an Easter treat

     Hit by warm weather and springing for an early Easter with the grandchildren, I was aided by beader friend Chrissy who told me about Surprise Balls in Martha's April Living magazine. I went on-line to find Kate Spade's video, the history and YouTube demo, and a blog on the topic! Click on these links to see what fun Chrissy said she had as a youngster.
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   Yesterday after a delicious lunch via the Barefoot Contessa recipes and a fab Sashiko tutorial by Ellen, Joe and I headed to a toy store, CVS and a party store for eggs and to collect tiny items for the three surprise balls which I will eventually turn into giant Easter eggs for the grandchildren. I am rushing this out before I am finished since I know you may want to get started.The links above tell the story of wrapping the presents in crepe paper, changing colors and decorating at the end. The children unwrap and unwrap and unwrap!

      You can click to enlarge the photo to see what I included. The most important first. David's very unfinished purple egg in the background started with a Bambi figure. The girls will get what I don't approve of, fingernail polish that glows in the dark. We got bubbles, watercolors, clay, Pugs like our granddog, Angry Bird puzzle eraser, a dollar, and naughty very soft foam egg shooters.  We saw the adopt-a-bunny chocolate rabbits cleverly packaged but not sure about eating one's pet. There were a couple of books, that like the eggs and bunnies won't be wrapped.That is a start, anyway. One must plan ahead. There are plenty of treasures in one's house and pocket wo having to buy.

      After being told by Blogger I had used up all my photo space, I wanted to test my reducing photo sizes to get in under the free wire and it worked. Hallelujah. One must have photos and SURPRISES!



  1. Love those ceramic (?) white rabbits! The Surprise Ball is a wonderful idea. It's worth trying even for unoriginal crafters - like me.

  2. Every holiday you do something ORIGINAL. This one sounds like lots of fun - for you and the grandkids. I love all the colors and the surprises. ss

  3. That surprise ball video was amazing! Don't think I'm handy enough to do that. But, I got some cute ideas for things that will be fun for the grandkids. Thanks! Enjoy your time with your grands!!!

  4. Great idea. Wish I had the energy to try it! Looks like ton of fun for the creator AND for the kid to unwrap and unwrap.