Friday, March 9, 2012

Memories and Remembrance: two journal quilts

   Yesterday, our fortnightly Journal Quilt Connection was to meet and I was behind! I decided to make 5 quilts too fast. I made a list of the events in my life I wanted to remember or mark. I thought of the roundup/reunion of our 13 best girlfriends (like sisters) from childhood in Amarillo, Texas back in October and the recent wrenching losses of two special people.
    The Roundup is made of the fabric I used to create souvenirs snap purses for my dear old pals; and to attach their names to the piece, I created brands using gold puff paint. I took their initials (either maiden or married names) to mark them on this journal quilt.
     The other quilt I made quickly on a fabric that I felt only hinted at the anquish involved in loss and I made two hearts of blue tear images floating above and off. A satin stitch surrounds the hearts; and I used iridescent puff paint to float over the hearts' borders. The backing and quilt edge are silver.


  1. Very striking, both! I think the use of the puff paint is neat, and I would use it again. As you can imagine, the heart quilt is particularly meaningful to me. I see nothing wrong with the photography!

  2. As always, you are Super Clever with your originality and so "ABLE" with your designs...very meaningful - BOTH. sherron

  3. The Roundup with the "brands" and the cowboys is perfect. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a memorable event & cast it in true Texas fashion. Then, the tear hearts poignantly show the keen loss of dear friends, and the background speaks volumes about the discordant aspect of loss. Beautifully done, Linda. Marvelous tributes!

  4. Both are stunning. I love the spirit of the 'cowgirls.' I'd love to figure out all the brands. The hearts touch mine.

  5. The cowboy silhouettes remind me of Bonanza. They bring excitment to the journal quilt. (I don't see the 'our' brand.)
    The background of your loss quilt is especially effective.