Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elements: a Material Mavens 12 x 12 quilt

     The Material Mavens publish a 12 x 12 inch quilt the 15th day of every other month on their Reveal Day, each member's dealing with the same theme. This time the theme is Elements. I wrote:

     In ancient thought, Fire, Earth, Water and Air and sometimes Spirit (something beyond the physical world) are the classical elements, the root units from which the world is formed. Hopefully the elements work in harmony!
    Today these early descriptions are used in writing and graphics, paintings, tarot and astrology. In my stash, I found fabric to represent each physical elements and separated them by curvy quilting. The gold represents the spiritual.
     I cut gold fabric to which I had ironed Wonder Under. I punched a hole in the center of the square piece of fabric and cut a spiral from the center all the way around and back again. I fused the spiral  on the front and what was left on the reverse of the 12 x 12. I squeezed puff paint to edge the activating spiral, sprinkled gold beads atop and on the bottom, and used a hair dryer to secure.  


  1. Another clever creation ! I like your use of ELEMENTS and like the thought of your using all those media to achieve such good results - even a hairdryer! ss

  2. Very much enjoyed your Elements all-time favorite, however, is Monuments Men really outdid yourself!! It was just so entertaining to be able to open the Van Gogh Book. You are a marvel and a joy to your friends. KE

  3. I think the spiral looks great on the elements JQ! DJD

  4. I like your second element block the best. RR

  5. I love your depiction of the 4 elements with the gold spiral. Spirit? Lovely!

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