Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preowned Passions: art on the road

Tardy I am this week, to put up my journal quilts and art ideas. But if you see beauty in cars and children, I pass on these photos to you. Bill and I never warmed to riding in the Lotus Elise so Joe found another car in the spirit of an earlier model years ago. The 1954 XK 140 Jaguar he restored and the sons in back are getting older. The grandchildren love the newer model 2003 XKR. It was granddaughter's "first ride ever in a car without a top!" (click cars to enlarge)

Both girls stopped their busy sales at the lemonade stand (signs by the girls) to take a ride. Grandson was particularly interested in constant imbibing and the cookies for sale. Joe said the car exchange was worth the effort to see the smiles on the children's faces!


  1. Fabulous early summer memories - both then and now. I wish I could take a ride in that jag !Enjoy.

  2. When I read your email about the Jags and the lemonade stand and saw the charming pictures, I meant to reply, "Blog-worthy, Linda!" but didn't. So glad you posted about these wonderful pictures! Love the smile on David's face in the lemonade stand pictures, and as always, girls are lovely! Cute head-gear!

  3. Love the cars AND the pics of the cars with Joe & the boys. Fun to identify with you on the male collecting bug. That looks like superb lemonade. Wish I were there to have some.