Monday, May 3, 2010

Needlepointing Neal

A good way to start the week is with some small muscle handwork. The Monday Club met with people involved with needlepoint, bead crochet, sweater knitting and food provision! On future Mondays, I hope to finish Beth's needlepoint for the children's doors, to be made easier with Julia's Mighty Bright light if I can find one.

Since I seldom finish needlepoint work, I wanted to show you my solution for finishable projects. I made bias tape (there is a little machine for this at quilt stores) to fit around the bookmark-size canvas and" gluestick-ed" it to sew. I had the hole punch from long ago, but the tassles aren't necessary. I needed a birthday present for good friend Neal, a reader, and spelled out his name with nautical flags. His wife Jean absconded with it; so I will have to make her one as well. I started another for Beth but my canvas weave was too tight to finish quickly. I used DMC floss but yarn is fine; and I found canvas at a craft store. After needlepointing the name, you blind stitch the cover on the back. I hope the photos (click to enlarge) make this clear.


  1. Enlarging the picture DID, indeed, make it all clear. Love these! Can you believe, I've never needlepointed, despite the fact that Mother did all the time. These bookmarks would be a great place to start, if I didn't have so many other projects lining up to be done!

  2. What a super bookmark. Your friend will love it. Needlepoint & cross stitch and I crossed paths long ago, but we went our separate ways. Hmmm. Must be too much computer time.

  3. Masterful art work, fun idea!