Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paper piecing: a journal quilt of sorts

Time flies on a Mother's Day weekend. Let me say I LOVEd it. I didn't get the projects made I intended, but enjoyed letting the grandchildren experiment with and cut up fabrics and thankfully take some home.

In the spirit of the weekend, I thought I would finish this paper pieced heart block. I studied Carol Doak's book, Show Me How to Paper Piece. Paper piecing allows beginners and experts to create accurate quilt blocks. According to her, you 1) pin oversized pieces of fabric to preprinted paper patterns; 2) stitch along straight, printed lines with your sewing machine; and 3) tear off the paper patterns to reveal perfect, accurate blocks! She has written several books on the subject, and I certainly needed one to follow! The method is fun and quick and I found it very helpful in creating Dear Jane blocks. (The Jane Stickle 1863 quilt of heroic proportions at the Bennington Museum has inspired thousands of quilters).

P.S. One funny thing happened at the end of the Mother's Day. This little dog, Emmit, got left behind when his family drove off. I cell phoned them to remind and they drove back immediately saying it wasn't on purpose! (Emmit, in charcoal, is lifesize.)


  1. As you may recall, I did lots of paper piecing when I was in the Dear Jane class that I eventually had to drop because of too many conflicts. And I have a paper-pieced wall hanging banner that I made in a class on that subject many years ago; someday I'll send you a photo or maybe post on that subject! LOVE your heart! You did a super job. And is this a drawing or a painting of the darling pug dog? As usual, love to read your blog!

  2. I think the expression on the "forgotten" dog is priceless...also your paper piecing was fun to see. I'm always interested in the directions you give for the different projects you finish.

  3. Precious little dog. I don't think he got left on purpose either! Great charcoal drawing,too!

  4. Today I learned more things from you - paper piecing and Jane Stickle. Went to the Bennington Museum site & looked at her quilt. Truly amazing! Love the pattern mix in your heart. And, Emmit has such a quizzical "Why me?" look. He was meant to stay behind, so that you could capture him so delightfully.