Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Beth: a journal quilt

This week I am doing, not one, but two journal quilts...and really there should be a third for the east of Weston MA big water pipe break.

But this is Mother's Day weekend. I subjected my daughter-in-law, Beth, mother of my three grandchildren, to a quilt portrait: I put tea or coffee cups in the background because she makes me welcome at any time, and is always offering coffee, tea or supper. She is a devoted mother. The three paper dolls make her crown, and she always has plenty of bags on her shoulders.

Who will be next in this two hour exercise. Thanks to Clara Wainwright and Adrienne Robinson for the inspiration for this sort of casual portrait quilt and to Geri Barr for the idea of these sketches, 8"x 8" journal quilts, one a week for a year. Hoping not to portray Beth so horrifically as I do myself, I used the stamp filter on Photoshop Elements for a teeny bit of help, but mostly, I cut out free hand and scribbled with the glue stick and sewing machine.
Click to enlarge.


  1. Pure Genius!!! So cute and clever !!!

  2. Oh, wow and double wow, Linda! This is so very artistic, and I love the symbolism of the cups, the paperdolls, the shoulder bag. I hope you continue to do these, of everyone in your family! Then you could move on and do your friends. You are so good at this!

  3. Your portrait quilts show a sense of humor, a presence, a personality I really admire. How you do it, I don't know.

  4. Her child crown is beautiful. The love and care you've reflected in her eyes tells me a lot about her. Her smile is warm and genuine. What a glowing tribute by a special mom-in-law.