Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketching another possibility

While looking at Hokusai and thinking about the 70th self-portrait, my friend’s 60th coming up, and the Adirondack setting, I envisioned a 2nd painting to work on as well. Not sure what will parade in the foreground. I sketched out the boating scene (see previous post) w fish in the air and then this piece below it as well. I'm wondering if I can combine the two since they looked good together, one atop the other, in my sketchbook. I will post these notes and then figure what to sketch/paint where.

I have two canvases almost ready to go. I will put the huge one on an easel in the living room to engage the grandchildren when they visit. Hopefully, before I finish today, I will stuff and sew some fish for the youngsters to paint or decorate to include them in the project and give me some ideas!

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  1. sounds like fun! You inspire me. I'll have a blog post up before I go to bed. I'll post the link.