Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy day fun

Google images of Francis Bacon’s studio and you may know how I felt this morn in trying to get into my studio (not just the studio) to paint after charcoaling my basic ideas onto the canvas. So I tried not to mess up the kitchen as I worked away, listening to a podcast from Craftsanity. Not knowing how to make the traveling speakers work I strained to hear my laptop, but Joe clarified the matter when he got home.

Before dinner, I straightened up my prepared surfaces, and took a break to see the grandchildren to test their hamantashen. I couldn’t remember what medium I used to paint this ballet picture with, oil or acrylics, so I got to study it to help w my decision making.

While there, I also I took a photo of granddaughter’s snow scene painted the time I explained how to use masking fluid with watercolors. I suggested sketching her scene lightly w pencil, dopping on masking fluid wherever the snow would be, on sills, in the air, the snowman (she took the ground seriously), then flow on the colors she wanted. Fun to peel off and VOILA!


  1. Linda I would die for a similar portrait of Lia, like this one of Erika! Couldn't you do one for me and then FOR SURE I'd be forced to make your quilt in exchange for that, though now you might not even want it, now that you're quilting for yourself. But it would be expertly quilted by Judy, so that might be an enticement! I'm going to send you a picture of Lia, if I can find it, that you could use. Think about it! (As if you didn't have more than enough to do!)

  2. What a wonderful picture Hannah painted! Totally filled the picture with color. Is that the moon rising over the house? I'd hang that on my walls any day.

  3. Oh, yes. That is a wonderful painting of your granddaughter. If I were Beth, I'd treasure it forever.