Sunday, February 28, 2010

Journal Quilt (Blogger)

Last year, small zany quilts on a counter in the Cambridge Quilt Shop caught my eye and inspired me to sign up for a journal quilt course. Participants were to make an 8-inch square quilt per week inspired by a moving event in our life. We were instructed to spend no more than two hours creating one or we might not keep up.

At the end of the year there would be 52 special memories. An unexpected ambulance ride to the hospital, last year, interrupted my production. Taking up blogging, I decided to get back to journal quilts and combined the two topics in this week’s Blogger quilt. As you know, the symbol in the middle is for Blogger and the opaque sunglasses for those not looking at the blog :*). The safety pins have to do with trying to pin many interests in my life together in some sort of order through the blog. One can always use some "safety pins" :*) ! I may later add beads.


  1. I love it all--especially the safety pins! A held-together life speaks to me!

  2. The idea of Journal Quilts is fascinating. Loved checking them out. I'm going to share that with quilter friends here.