Sunday, February 21, 2010

This blog has motivated me. I now have several related projects in mind:

It dawned on me that in this year of a major birthday, I forgot to paint a self-portrait which I like to do on each birthday. Today I gathered materials for one of my wild paintings, and those in turn have suggested info for a journal quilt (would like to get back to doing one a week), as well as some soft sculpture and a tablecloth of all things. This painting will be different (from the back), but incorporate a setting on a lake, scene of one of my birthday celebrations. Let me hint I will be FISHING for ideas but this photo is a start for my transformations. I have revisited Hokusai (love his humility about not having produced anything of significance by age 70 but expecting something marvelous at 110 years), gathered drawings of fish, and hope I get a chance to stuff some (the Adirondack finds and those of a blogger are inspiring).


  1. Congrats to you! Looking forward to following your blog. It's now in my nightly blog checklist. So proud of you for jumping in. You'll love exploring all of the options. My daughter & daughter-in-law keep blogs, & it enables me to get their takes on what's going on in their lives. Love it!

  2. You are one hard woman to keep up with!

  3. Linda, will be eagerly awaiting the self portrait for this year!