Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flying Fish

My paintings usually reference three things: art history, what is going on in the world and the personal. In the lake self-portrait I plan to have art historical fish leaping into the air.

Thinking fish and the return of the grandchildren from Pennsylvania, yesterday, I went to make some stuffed fabric fish for the girls w a paintable canvas. I changed my mind half-way up the stairs to use the Valentine felt leftovers to cut up, for me, some fish similar to these felt beaded jewels I found in the Adirondaks. I would like to find more! I wonder who makes them. After cutting my own patterns (so glad I did), I think they would be easier to buy than to make.

But “fish” must be in the air! Today, I visited supreme crafter Abby Glassenberg’s blog http://www.whileshenaps.typepad.com/ and saw she put up goldfish today. While I was at the library looking for fish pictures in books and the Bryn Mawr Used Book Store purchasing a colorful book about tropical marine aquaria the grandchildren could enjoy using Model Magic, Abby had already posted her magical creature and put it in her store!

All I accomplished was gessoing/sanding more coats onto the discarded oak cabinet front for my painting. I did go to the art store to get more gesso for the acrylic paintings and some extra special primers for my oil paintings. Tomorrow I should be ready to draw some more and start painting!

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  1. Oh, I love those fish! What fun they would be to make, and you KNOW how much felt I have. Yes, easier to buy than to make, but how much fun to design and decorate them! Your plans and ideas are inspiring.