Friday, November 2, 2012

Arts/Crafts: Before and After the Frankenstorm

Chelsea Market carvings

El Quiote supplied the sparklers! 
    Last week, in NYC celebrating Joe's 75th birthday, the grandchildren were a big draw. He and I also went to Neue Gallery, the super Andy Warhol show at the Met, the Morgan Library, Chelsea Market, and I, the City Quilter thrice. We enjoyed El Quixote in Chelsea that is mentioned regularly in Just Kids, the book for Cambridge Art's book club. It is fun when a book you are reading covers the ground you are visiting. Things are different in that Lower Manhattan now, but the marathon was canceled and electricity has, thankfully, returned to son's place!
    This week, the evacuees, that same little family, are here in Boston, with other son Bill's working out of the Boston office. The children enjoyed Halloween on our street. What do you do with three children, ages 8, 6 and 3 for days (weeks?) when school like their electricity is OUT in NJ:

Live Pumpkin, Fireman and Goldfish

      So far, Hannah's picked up the ukulele fast. I hope to capture her on my new free Apps: Video Star and VideoFX Live. Check them out! (Fast and Easy) Both girls made headbands using ribbons. David and I played kazoo/piano duet train songs. Erika learned to knit.Today all three worked with  polymer clay that wore me out with the pasta maker's being used by the three to condition the clay. But I made myself some beads for a necklace! Joe took them swimming;  and tonight, while they were visiting old friends, I set out the sewing machines for projects tomorrow. Watching Hannah on the uke, I decided it is time for her to take her Hello Kitty Janome sewing machine home. She is finally ready to figure out what to do to solve problems that arise. You might know I gave it to her when she was four.With a twisted ankle I will skip the quilt show in NH. Next. the election! Click photos to enlarge.


  1. Happy birthday to Joe! Sounds as though you all had a great time in NYC before Sandy. Now you've got some fun time to share with your grands and it sounds as though they are all loving it! They are a talented crew. Glad Jim has power once again, and I'm glad that they finally cancelled the marathon. It was too much too soon for too many people, based on comments I've heard. Hope your ankle heals soon!

  2. Send me the name of your vitamins! What energy! What fun!

    1. Currently, unfortunately, it is a sugar high from the Halloween candy. You and Rosemary must try out those free video apps with your iPhone or iPads. You just click on the assorted effects all while filming and can add more footage at the place you end. Grandsons and granddaughter can do their own filming. We have laughed and laughed.

  3. Those Chelsea pumpkins are something else - unbelievable. It seems that your whole family is going 'great guns.' Take care of yourself.

  4. What a fun posting! The kids look so cute in their Halloween get-ups. And those pumpkins--wow, works of art, truly. I think those Apps sound amazing, and I can't wait to tell Susan about them! You know, I signed up for Blogger to let me know when you posted, but so far, they haven't done so!

  5. Linda, here's the blog I missed. Everything sounds so much fun! I am a true SLUG compared to you... and if my grands were closer, I would copy more of your ideas, at least try to copy them. ALWAYS FUN to read what goes on with you and yours. ss