Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grounded Thanksgiving: three stitch crafts

      Colds clobber and cause one to miss Thanksgiving food and togetherness. Driving for groceries wiped us out and so would a drive to NJ and NYC. However, there is no place like home and one can catch up on crafting.

      I took Hannah's web and turned it into a doll quilt, trying to teach myself embroidery writing without any planning ahead. I made Chrissy's birthday present, a portable sewing kit, using a quilted floral fabric. For my journal quilt, I marked the election.
      Hannah had given me that square with her embroidered web (second photo) and I made a back for it. I ran across a note from her saying she would like to make another quilt with me after our first one. I left a corner for her to embroider on my side. So far it says, "read, draw, sew, Hannah's web." I need to learn the proper stitch and write it out ahead, but I am allergic to planning.

       Instructions for the portable sewing kit are at my blog for June 10, 2012. Using this double-sided quilted fabric from JoAnn's makes the crafting even easier! Up high on this blog in the Search area, by the blogger symbol, type in "portable sewing kit."

       Half of my friends and family are Democrats and half are Republicans and we love each other. Shown here are the flag "Bark for Barack," the bandaid for universal health care, and the caught FOX which I felt was destructive by distortions. The confettied flags are a quilted cushion for our country that will need one. Click to enlarge photos.


  1. So sorry you had to miss seeing your sons & families due to yucky colds. No fun! Continue to treat yourselves kindly as you heal. Love the flags & Bark for Barack. What a treat that you have made something special for Hannah.

  2. I came here before checking Gmail, and sure enough, here is a wonderful post! I love all the projects you managed to get done despite bad colds. How clever all of them are. As usual, you capture experiences and events in a unique and innovative manner, and you find the perfect fabrics to work with in these projects!

  3. You amaze me how you carry on even when you are feeling crummy. I'd probably be deep under the covers with a good book and a flash light.

  4. I echo Trilla -- except I'm sure I would be ASLEEP and doing NOTHING. ss

  5. The colorful flag motif is great. Yes, we do have both Democratic and Republican friends and family. And we do love and respect each other although there are topics we may avoid. I'm not familiar with Hannah's web. Is that a sewing website? Anyway I loved all three of your works of art.