Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shake and Fall: a journal quilt

    Journal quilts are for memories...often significant events or special occasions. Click photo to enlarge.

    Last week, the Beadsprouts (my beading group of six...a number that fits around our craft tables) headed to New Hampshire to see the beautiful leaves and share a dinner and Presidential Debate together. Part way into our late meal, a bird tried to get into our windows. The bird frantically turned sideways and upside down to penetrate the glass to get to the light. We drew the curtains all around and finally tossed out an unappreciated dinner roll. That was the first piece of excitement.

     Later, our chairs vibrated under us for about 5 to 10 seconds. I forget how we knew the pulsation was an earthquake from Hollis ME, but the bird must have been a harbinger. After getting the big TV to work just in time, we finished the evening watching the debate and continued the next day to enjoy our surroundings, leaf time in Waterville Valley. That was my first earthquake!


  1. Perfect! You amaze and inspire me...your vision of how to utilize fabric to tell your story is so "spot on"!

  2. What a perfect journal quilt to commerate your weekend! Your colors are smashing. The chairs and the trees juxtaposed against one another representing the indoor and the outdoor life. Lovely!

  3. What a great interpretation of the events! You continue to show me why I did not major in art. Love U!
    Ruth Anne

  4. Love the way you've depicted the earthquake. They do come in several varieties - shake, roll like a wave, jolt, & vibration. Yes, that bird probably did sense that one was coming. Love the chairs for the 6 of you and the fall colors are perfect! What a wonderful journal quilt!

  5. Once again, I failed to get a notification of this journal quilt having been posted! though I do note the date was Oct. 23rd, the day I was getting ready to leave CA on the 24th, so perhaps it came in to another email address that I don't check as frequently at home as I ought to do. Anyway, on a whim I came to your blog and there this was! Just love how you depicted the vibrating chairs, included the bird, and then the lovely background fabric. You captured it ALL! You are a marvel at finding the perfect fabrics!!!! Since this took place in New Hampshire, will you perhaps use this for your MM "travel" themed quilt???? You ought to do so! It is ideal for that purpose. SUCH an effective quilt!